My Ikea Hack: Storage Shelf to Playful Dresser

I never turn my nose up at the thought of an Ikea furniture piece residing in a room I’ve decorated, so long as every other piece of furniture in the room isn’t from Ikea. A space is much more interesting and much less like a furniture showroom when its contents are sourced from different places, giving it an eclectic and lived in feel. And when it comes to Ikea furnishings, I’ve been known to add a few embellishments to create exactly the wanted look. Case and point: this Expedit shelf goes from bathroom storage to a playful dresser in a kid’s room.


My inspiration for this hack was a mid-century modern armoire I snatched up from a Brooklyn fleamarket a few years back.


Closed storage and the walnut wood grain are achieved with drawers from Ikea and “faux bois” contact paper. That’s fancy talk for “fake wood.” Straight lines, steady hands and a lot of patience are required to get this on, but once in place you’ll like the results.

Although I would have loved leather drawer pulls, I decided to make them using vinyl fabric. After stitching, I used a grommet punch to make holes for hex screws, which hold the handles in place.


And there you have it.